Games are played under MLB Rules with the exceptions listed below


 –  Standings.  The tie breaking order is as follows:  Run Differential-Runs Allowed-Runs Scored-Coin Flip.


Games are 9 innings with a time limit.  No new inning after 2 hours 45 minutes, completing the final  inning.
Home and visiting teams are decided by coin flip before the game.
Mercy Rule in effect, 15 after 7 innings.
Teams can designate 3 Non Runners before the game,  We suggest the Pitcher and Catcher to help speed up the pace of the game but not required. The Pinch runner will be the last out.


Runners must slide or try to avoid contact.  The slide must be from a safe distance (i.e. no Chase Utley).
There are no extra inning games for regular season or consolation games.  In the event of a tie in playoff games, extra innings will begin with a runner at 3rd base and 1 out until there is a winner.
Teams must have 8 players to start or continue playing, otherwise the team must forfeit.  If both teams do not have enough players, the home team gets a 9-0 victory. Non-forfeit team gets a 9-0 victory
Teams must bat 9 batters unless they only have 8 players.  Teams may bat as many players as they wish.  If a player must leave in mid game, the order moves up without penalty.

A/B batting positions are allowed.

Additional batters may be added to the bottom of the batting order during the game without penalty.  Re-entry of a batter due to injury is allowed, but must be added back to their original batting position with the order moving down accordingly.  The injured player cannot return the batting order, but may be used as a courtesy runner or defender.

Umpires will make sure to keep the score current, but it’s the managers responsibility make sure they have the correct score.  Any disputes will be settled by the umpire at that time.